The Kentucky Council of the Blind works for better education, employment, services, and technology for the blind and visually impaired. Below are examples of how KCB has addressed issues that face people who are blind and how we help people overcome everyday problems.

  • KCB supports increased affordable transportation options throughout the Commonwealth. We are pleased to see expanded bus service between Louisville and Lexington.
  • KCB members participate on state boards and councils that oversee rehabilitation, training, employment and independent living services for blind and visually impaired people.
  • A couple received an eviction notice. Their living conditions were deplorable, and their landlord was unscrupulous. The wife was blind, and her husband was a disabled veteran. KCB helped them utilize community resources to move into a much nicer, more affordable apartment.
  • Parents are often unhappy with the quality of education their visually impaired children receive from the schools. Council advocates can help parents insure that their children obtain the services to which they are entitled through the IEP process.
  • A KCB member was getting the run-around from the Food Stamp worker. Well-placed phone calls from a KCB advocate solved the problem.
  • The county social worker didn't think a visually impaired couple could raise their baby. KCB knew the couple could provide a loving home for their little one. KCB co-ordinated resources for a successful court case; the parents kept their baby.
  • A visually impaired man applied for a job. The company said he couldn't see well enough, but the man proved he could handle every job requirement. KCB advocates helped the man obtain partial back pay, seniority, and, most importantly, the job.

KCB advocacy often helps many people at the same time. Issues such as large print and talking prescription labels, accessible currency, more sidewalks and audible pedestrian signals, and changes in Medicare to cover low vision devices touch the lives of thousands of people.

This area of our website will contain information about current advocacy efforts, as well as articles and interviews from our archives. We will post our current and past Sound Prints audio files on advocacy issues as quickly as possible. News items, announcements, and resources related to this area will also be posted here, so check back often to see what's new.

This page was last updated on December 6, 2015.

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