Technology that is accessible and easy to use can help blind and visually impaired people read books, identify money, label packages and clothes and documents, tell time and set the temperature in our homes. Accessible technology lets people with low vision keep up with phone numbers, manage appointments, take notes, read email, watch TV, shop on-line, and arrange our own transportation. Accessible technology can literally touch every aspect of our lives, from home to work to leisure activities.

For the past several years, through our Sound Prints radio programs and magazines, the Crossroads Leadership Conferences, Kentucky Council of the Blind programs and workshops, and programming conducted by KCB chapters, we have collected a number of audio features ralated to technology. We often receive press releases, announcements and articles related to various aspects of technology such as new products, sources of financial assistance etc.

Archived audio files will be added to this page as quickly as we can prepare them for posting. News items and announcements related to technology will also be posted here, so check back often to see what's new.

This page was last updated on December 2, 2015.

Intro to the Apple Watch
Brian Charlson, Director of Technology at the Carroll Center for the Blind in Boston, demonstrates the Apple Watch. Audio Sound Prints interview from August 28, 2015.