Meeting Ideas

From the Fuel Tank:
Meeting Ideas

The Friday evening Leadership Activity at the first Crossroads in March, 2013 was entitled "High-Octane Idea Fuel Tank: Fill 'er Up with Great Information," facilitated by Brenda Dillon. Brenda named a category, and each participant shared an idea that could benefit affiliates and chapters.

One high-octane category was "Name a speaker, topic or local agency that would add interest to your chapter meeting." Below is a list of ideas from that category.

  1. Local area agency on aging
  2. Public transportation
  3. Health department
  4. Locab fire department on fire safety
  5. Local police department on personal safety
  6. Exercise
  7. Local politician - views on disabilities
  8. Social Security
  9. Talking Book Library
  10. Ins and outs of audio description on our home TV's
  11. Self defense
  12. American Red Cross on disaster preparedness for citizens with disabilities
  13. Making social media accessible
  14. Disability law and advocacy center
  15. Local college or university office for students with disabilities
  16. Department of parks and recreation, adaptive leisure services, recreational sports for the disabled
  17. Diabetes
  18. Job fair representatives
  19. Ophthalmologist doing research in eye diseases
  20. Botanical garden
  21. Financial planner on money management
  22. Traffic engineer on audible pedestrian signals
  23. Journalist on how to write a press release
  24. State services for the blind to explain budget cuts or program changes
  25. Housing authority
  26. Adaptive technology for the visually impaired
  27. Airlines representative
  28. Amateur radio community on uses of ham radio
  29. Hobbies of members
  30. Small Business Administration on work-from-home opportunities for blind people
  31. Apple Store representative
  32. Low tech things that make cooking by the blind easier and more convenient
  33. Activities blind and sighted parents can do with blind and sighted children
  34. Mental health on counseling services available - coping skkills for depression for people just losing their vision
  35. CPR training
  36. How to become a member of a speaker's bureau, Optimist Club, Toastmasters
  37. Board of Elections to demonstrate accessible voting machines
  38. Talk on puppy-raising and training of guide dogs
  39. Pharmacist
  40. Utility company - how to be more energy efficient
  41. Achilles International - promote walking, running and marathon for people with disabilities
  42. How to paint your toenals
  43. Regulations on aircrafts
  44. Show and tell - ask each member to bring the one device or off-the-shelf item that helps them the most
  45. In-service training for audio description for theaters, museums etc.
  46. Disability sensitivity training for different groups
  47. Radio reading services
  48. Vending program