Meet at the Crossroads

Welcome to the Crossroads Leadership Conference web pages, a project of the Kentucky Council of the Blind. These pages are being created as part of the 2015 Crossroads Conference through the generous support of the Louisville Downtown Lions Club.

Crossroads conferences give people who are blind or visually impaired opportunities to learn new skills, and fine-tune those they already have, so they can participate more effectively as members and leaders in chapters and affiliates of the American Council of the Blind and in other clubs, organizations and community groups.

Crossroads conferences feature general sessions and small groups targeting specific skills and issues. Participants create their own unique roadmaps as they choose the sessions that best fit their needs. Attendees also receive a variety of materials that further enhance the topics presented at the conference.

The Kentucky Council of the Blind hosted the third annual Crossroads Conference August 14 - 15, 2015 in Louisville, Kentucky, and many conference costs were underwritten by the Louisville Downtown Lions Club. With a limited enrollment and narrowly-focused topics, this Crossroads emphasized interactive hands-on learning. Examples of some of the 2015 Crossroads classes include:

  • Mentoring, Parts I and II
  • Making every word count - best practices for writing articles and posts for newsletters, social media and websites
  • Choosing appropriate insurance options
  • Recruiting members and using support groups to build chapters
  • Great first impressions through personal appearance and body language

Crossroads Resources - Successful Meetings

Meeting Ideas
48 topic and speaker ideas to keep your group's meetings interesting and diverse. Compiled at the 2013 Crossroads and distributed at the 2014 conference.

Crossroads Resources - Public Relations

Creating a Memorable Elevator Speech
Introduce your group to others in two minutes or less. By Nolan Crabb; from the 2014 Crossroads.

Crossroads Resources - Fundraising

Online Fundraising Tips
Online fundraising is more than just a Donate Now button. Tips to help your visibility and fundraising at the same time.

7 P's to Event Fundraising
Follow these 7 p's and make your fundraising events successful. by Brenda Dillon; from the 2013 Crossroads.

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